Woloshansky speaks at virtual event hosted by Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

On September 23, the Center for Workforce & Economic Opportunity coordinated a webinar as part of their Ask Us Anything series. The webinar hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, featured guest speakers Tracey Carey, Executive Director of Midwest Urban Strategies (MUS), and MUS board members Linda Woloshansky, President & CEO of the Center of Workforce Innovations in Valparaiso and Clyde McQueen from the Full Employment Council in Kansas City.  Woloshansky also serves as staff to the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board.

The MUS is a workforce innovation lab made up of 13 workforce boards that represent major urban areas from Pittsburgh to Wichita. The three MUS leaders shared how the 13 organizations collectively and collaboratively address the needs of the diverse populations they serve—culturally, socially, and economically. The registrants learned how MUS worked to create their own standing nonprofit, to better coordinate their workforce practices with regional economic development by retaining and growing local talent, and generating greater return on investments for their employer partners and the workforce system.