Request for Proposals to Offer a FAME Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) Program as Part of an Industry Partnership

The South Shore INFAME Chapter (hereafter known as the “Chapter”) seeks proposals from post-secondary education institutions in the greater Northwest Indiana area to create a mutually beneficial education partnership modeled on the national Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) program. FAME is an industry-led talent pipeline program that engages PreK-12 systems, community colleges, and universities in a highly coordinated, seamless model known as the FAME Career Pathway. A local FAME chapter is composed of employers, institutions of education, non-profit education organizations, workforce and economic development organizations, government representatives, and more.

This proposal is intended to lead to an agreement to create an advanced manufacturing work-study curriculum (hereafter known as the “AMT Program”) with a local community college or associate degree level program (hereafter known as the “College Partner”) that will confer upon graduates an associate degree in the area of multidisciplinary technical education (or other, as a consensus of the Chapter); an AMT Certificate that recognizes, among other things, deep development in a set of soft skills known as the Professional Behaviors and completion of a set of lean manufacturing courses known as the Manufacturing Core Exercises; and any other certificates which the chosen institution may already confer as a result of accumulated courses in the curriculum.

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