Research + Publications

CWI understands that both quantitative and qualitative data are needed in order to understand the entire picture. Our knowledgeable research and data analysis staff employ multiple techniques and sources when gathering real-time labor market, economy, and education information. From traditional desktop data obtained across existing sources to more on the ground strategies such as intelligence gathering from stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and input sessions.

Reports + Publications

2020 Technology Talent Outlook | Navigating through current and future jobs in Northwest Indiana

Findings in this report aim to make sense of this new paradigm and shed light on the state of technology in Northwest Indiana. For our analysis, we will examine the technology sector and associated industries, technology workforce, and the pipeline for technology skills. Additionally, we’ll identify national trends affecting our local labor market, and charts a path forward to ensure NWI remains competitive long into the future.


2018 State of the Workforce Report/PPT Presentation/Real Talk Discussion Notes

The 2018 State of the Workforce Report for Northwest Indiana was released at the Northwest Indiana State of the Workforce Breakfast on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.  View the STATE OF THE WORKFORCE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION here. View the STATE OF THE WORKFORCE REAL TALK DISCUSSION NOTES here. Download report here.


2016 State of the Workforce and Economic Indicators Report

The 2016 State of the Workforce for Northwest Indiana was released at a breakfast on April 28, 2017. 


Northwest Indiana Workforce Board Regional Plan (2016)

The Northwest Indiana Workforce Development Board’s Plan for the Northwest Indiana Region (Region 1) is available. Questions can be directed to


Work Ethic Employer Expectations Poster (2016)

A survey of over 100 region employers was conducted to create a poster with 10 competencies that are believed to shape a good work ethic.


2015 NW Indiana Indicators Snapshot and Big Goal